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We stand behind our products and take pride in what we make for you. 

Durability is foremost in our fine creations which are made to last generations. 

Everything we make is exclusive of ornamentation.  

We want you to be a happy and satisfied customer.

Priceless Creations

Our innovative designs are unique and one of a kind. 

Our goal is to help you love what you wear and boost your self confidence. 

Express yourself with your clothes. Show off an extraordinary presentation of yourself to the world. 

Happiness & Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want you to be completely happy with your experience. 

If you have questions about us, our products, or even shipping, get in touch! 

We hope you continue to shop with us for many years to come. 

Questions You May Have

"Why Do I Want To Wear A Custom Corset Anyway?"

1.  It can give you immediate and very noticeable results. Lace into a corset and you instantly look more curvaceous, thinner, more attractive!

2.  Your posture will immediately improve. You will stand taller and show a more positive image.

3.  Your self image and attitude will improve because you know you look good.

4.  You will be wearing something that no one else has when you wear a custom corset. You will be a unique trend setter.

"Aren't They Terribly Uncomfortable?"

1.  Not the custom corsets made by us! We design them sturdy enough to hold any shape and not break down.

2.  Our inner components are strong yet flexible as needed. We want you to look good while you party the night away. You will rock your costume apparel at the fashion games!

3.  A lot of comfort depends on the length of the corset. The longer the corset, the less you can move. Your custom corset is made to your measurements and your preferences.

4.  We have "little extras" that we use to maintain the comfort and beauty of your custom corset. Many years of experience and a LOT of thought is put into our corsets. Whether it's lingerie worn in the bedroom or bold outer wear, let the fashion games begin!

Display real testimonials"Can A Corset Actually Do Harm To My Body?"

You've heard the horror stories...we all have.

1.  If you tight lace into an extremely restrictive corset and wear it non-stop, your body will eventually change it's shape. It will do this by moving things around inside your body to accommodate the restraint, just like a pregnancy. This is not what we recommend.

2.  Wearing a corset for many hours a day will change your shape over time This is dependent on how tightly you have it laced. This will not cause harm to your internal organs however, any more than pregnancy does. The body has an amazing ability to accommodate changes.

3.  You will not pass out from wearing a corset...unless, you have it laced so tight you cannot breathe. Common sense comes into play here.

4.  Corsets do not do harm when you use good common sense in wearing them. We do not promote the restrictive corset wearing of the past. We simply promote temporary restraint for beauty, self esteem, and fun.