About Us

What We Can Do For You

Our ambition is to beautify and adorn the modern day woman. We do this with extravagant and tasteful corsetry, unique clothing and gifts that cannot be found elsewhere. 

Corsets improve posture and sculpt your figure. This promotes a confident attitude and makes you feel good about yourself, because it's not about us. 

Our unique custom corsets and extravagant clothing items make you feel desired. This makes you feel like you're walking on air.

We strive to highlight your most dazzling attributes. You can become the show stopper.

Our Vision For You

  We realize that life takes on many forms. Mood and attitude changes and so does our clothing. To be confined to the stagnant role of ordinary apparel can be stifling. 

Corsetry allows us the freedom to express an extraordinary presentation to the fashion world. One that not all people are willing to try. 


By designing custom corsets and exclusive clothing for you, we boost your confidence. Your personal presentation is then given a lift. 

We are the best in artistry and construction you will find. Every fabric and embellishment is carefully handpicked for each project. Our skilled seamstresses create items that last for years.


Why You Should Choose Us

  The design and fabrication of our corsets, clothing and exclusive gifts are of the highest quality. Everything we make is constructed by experienced seamstresses, and made from the best quality materials and embellishments you can find. 

Many corset features that are extras with other companies are included in the standard price with us.

What we provide to you in the standard price with a custom corset:

1. Mock-up muslin for the perfect fit

2. Double boning of flat steel 

3. Modesty Panel in back and/or front

4. FREE Cloth corset cover

5. Exclusive brand labels and signature pearl tag

6.  Discriminating ornamentation and trim

7.   Available for your questions and needs to make sure you are satisfied