Lacing Guide

If you wish to change the laces in your corset for any reason there are many ways that you can assemble it again or re-lace it. This lacing guide is for your visual assistance. 

Corset lacing can be tricky, so we've listed several websites that show ways that this can be done. You would benefit from viewing them to decide which way you would prefer. 

Evening Arwen:

Orchard Corset:

The Lingerie Addict:

When lacing our corsets we use a simple lacing method. This allows you to put the corset on and lace it up with the least amount of confusion.

Some methods use an elaborate crossing pattern. While this may look unique and beautiful to the eye, for the first time corset wearer it may prove to be too difficult to deal with. 

We suggest that you stick to the easiest method of lacing until you are a practiced corset fashionista. 

If at any time you are having trouble with this detail do not hesitate to contact us for help.