Corset Measurements Guide

How To Take Your Measurements

You may print out the section on the Order Form page that lists what measurements are needed. Below is  the information you will need to take those measurements accurately. The corset measurements you take here can then be easily written down for your order. 

Wear a bra with no padding and panties to take your measurements. Also wear the shoes or boots you will be wearing with your corset as this will determine your posture and your measurements. See Measurement Dummy Guide for placement of measuring tape.

You will 3 pieces of heavy string-each about 5 feet long.

Tie the first string at the fullest part of your bust, making sure it is as straight as you can get around your body. Tie it so that it does not droop yet not so tight as to leave indentations.

The second string is to be tied around your waist in the same manner as the first. The waist is the smallest part of your middle, not at your belly button.

The last string is to be tied at the fullest part of the hips, in the same manner as the last two.

Center Back: With your arms down at your side, place a ruler horizontally under your arm pit, holding it there with your arm. Measure from the top of the ruler across your back to the same point on the other side of your back.

Proceed taking your measurements, making sure the tape is flat against your body unless instructed otherwise. Do not remove the strings until you are finished. You can also use a marking pen to write on the body to keep track of where you are measuring from. Accurate measurements insure a good fit!


1. Bust:

2. Under bust:

3. Waist:

4. High Hip:

5. Hip:

6. Top of Bust to Center Bust:

7. Center Bust to Under bust:

8. Waist to Hips:

9. Bust to Waist:

10. Top of Corset to Waist:

11. Shoulder to Bust:

12. Center Back:

13. Waist to Chair:

14. Waist to Thigh:

15. Bra Size:

16. Height:

17. Appoximate Weight:

Any Notes or Questions:

Bust: Measure around the fullest part of the bust

Under bust: Measure directly under the bust

Waist: measure at the smallest part, not at the belly button.

High Hip: Measure 3" below waist

Hips: Measure at the fullest part of your hips

Top of Bust to Center Bust: Measure from the top of the bust area where you want the corset top edge to be, to the center of your nipple

Center Bust to Under Bust: Measure from the center point of the bust to the under bust edge which hits your ribs. Where you want the bottom of the corset cup to hit)

Waist to Hips: Measure from the waistline to the hip line at the side of the body

Bust to Waist: With the tape at the bust point, measure straight down to the waist line. (The tape will not be flat against the body at the bust or rib cage)

Top of Corset to Waist: Measure from the top edge where you would like the corset to start to the waist, measuring as you would the Bust to Waist

Shoulder to Bust: Measure from the center of the shoulder to the center bust point

Center Back: Using the Bustline string on the back, measure across back width

Waist to Chair: Sit upright on a hard chair. Measure from waistline down to the top of the chair seat. (use a chair with no cushion)

Waist to Thigh: Measure from your waist to the top of your thigh where the corset will hit

Bra size: Please give accurate bra size that you wear

Height: Please measure in inches for height

Approximate Weight:  Please list your weight as accurately as possible. All information is kept confidential.